Excel Training (21 Courses, 8+ Projects)

This MS Excel Training Course is a bundle of 21 courses with 110+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access.

In this course, you will not only learn the basic excel, but rather you would also learn the nitty-gritty of advanced excel which very few professionals have learned well. Here we cover the basics and advanced concepts in Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

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What you get in this Excel Training?

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Online MS Excel Training Course Overview

Courses No. of Hours
1 Basic Excel Training 2019 6h 38m
2 Advanced Excel Training 2019 9h 41m
3 Advanced Excel 2019: Essentials for the Real World 3h 25m
4 Microsoft Excel 2016 – Beginners 4h 03m
5 Microsoft Excel 2016 – Advanced 5h 11m
6 Basic Microsoft Excel Training 4h 8m
7 MS Excel 2010 Training Course: Advanced 8h 37m
8 Microsoft Excel Basic Training | Excel 2013 Courses Online | Beginners 4h 22m
9 Microsoft Excel 2013 – Advanced 11h 06m
10 Mastering Microsoft Excel Date and Time 2h 54m
11 Pivot Table for Beginners 1h 29m
12 Project – Analysis with Pivot Tables 4h 6m
13 Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel 2016 3h 34m
14 Power Excel Training 5h 27m
15 Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 0h 43m
16 Microsoft Excel Reports 8h 35m
17 Graphs & Charts in Microsoft Excel 2013 3h 3m
18 Microsoft Excel Charts and SmartArt Graphics 6h 52m
19 Financial Functions In Excel – Microsoft Excel 2013 Course 2h 4m
20 Statistical Tools in Microsoft Excel 1h 14m
21 Project – Microsoft Excel Simulations Training 2h 18m
22 Project – Building Dynamic Heat Map in Microsoft Excel 2016 1h 17m
23 Microsoft Excel Solver Tutorial 1h 23m
24 Comprehensive VBA and Macros Training 11h 8m
25 Project – Microsoft Excel Dashboard Training 6h 6m
26 Project – Sales Productivity Dashboard 6h 57m
27 Project – Creating Sales Dashboard using Microsoft Excel 1h 35m
28 Project – HR Dashboard using Excel 6h 5m
29 Project – Advanced HR Dashboard 7h 8m

Course Summary

CourseMS Excel Training Course Online
DealThis is a 21 Excel Training course bundle. You will get access to all 21 Excel courses at once.
Hours110+ Video Hours
Core CoverageBasic Excel 2010, Advanced Excel 2010, Basic Excel 2013, Advanced Excel 2013, Basic Excel 2016, Advanced Excel 2016, Basic Excel 2019, Advanced Excel 2019
Excel Templates Included?Excel templates that were used are provided as a download
Course ValidityLifetime Access. You can view the Excel Training course any number of times
EligibilityNo eligibility as such. You should have a keen interest in learning Excel
What do you get?Certificate of Excellence for each of the 21 courses
Certification TypeCourse Completion Certificates
Verifiable Certificates?Yes, these are verifiable certificates. This means that you will be provided with a unique URL/Link which you can include in your resume/Linkedin profile for online verification.
Type of TrainingVideo Course – Self-Paced Learning
Software RequiredExcel (Windows)
System Requirement1 GB RAM or higher
Other RequirementSpeaker / Headphone

MS Excel Training  Course Curriculum

There are thousands and one reason for learning excel. And if it is a comprehensive course like this one that includes everything you need to learn to achieve a professional level of expertise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t learn this course!

To give you a brief overview of what you would learn in this course, here are the key lessons described below.

But before that note that this is not only a basic course, it includes both basic and advanced excel courses which will aid you in your professional requirement.

Now let’s have a look at the course description –

S. NoCourse NameHoursDescription
1Microsoft Excel 2010 – For Beginners 5 This is a beginner’s online course in Excel 2010. Highly recommended for learners who are looking at Excel for the first time. Here we start from scratch and cover the fundamentals of Excel 2010. We look at how to do data entry, cell, row definition, using excel formulas, formatting, charts and basic graphs, the print command, some shortcuts and common errors to avoid.
2 Microsoft Excel 2010 – Advanced Training Course 14 This is an advanced course in Excel 2010. Here we assume that you are familiar with the Basics of Excel. We cover topics like Data Functions, What-If Analysis, Functions for working with Text, Pivot Tables, Names and Dynamic Range, Auditing and Trouble Shooting formulas, Form Controls and advanced charts.
3Excel 2013 – Getting Started 7 If you have access to Excel 2013, this is the course you can start from. It starts with the basics of Excel 2013, what’s new in Excel 2013, how to populate data, performs basic functions and calculations, prepare charts and graphs and print excel sheets
4 Excel 2013 – Master Advanced Excel with Experts 25 We take super-advanced functions in Excel 2013. We cover topics like Data Functions, What-If Analysis, Arrays, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Power Pivot, DAX, Basic Macros and Financial Functions in Excel
5Microsoft Excel 2016 – Basic Course 7 If you have Excel 2016, this is the place to start from. Like always, it starts from the basics of Excel 2016, New features, how to use data, excels formulas and calculations, print excel sheets, etc
6Advanced Excel 2016 Training Course 9 In this Excel 2016 advanced online course, we cover advanced formulas and functions. Topics include Names and Dynamic Ranges, Auditing, Trouble Shooting, Form Controls, Advanced Charts, Pivot Tables, Text Functions, etc

Excel Training Course Certificate of Completion

Excel Training Course Certificate of Completion
  • A computer with an internet connection: This is the only instrument you need to have to be able to learn this course through and through. You can enjoy learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your home and at your convenience. Rarely any excel training provides so much flexibility and learning opportunity.
  • Passion for learning: This is the most important requirement for learning this course. If you are passionate about learning this course, you will have no issue in learning this course from beginning to ending as the first two requirements are already a given.
Target Audience

Now the question becomes who should be perfect for learning this course. The short and precise answer would be – “anyone who wants to.” But it may not include everybody. So here’s the list of the target audience for this course –

  • Students of a business domain: If you’re a student of business or a related field and want to acquire a skill which you will need almost all your professional life, this is a must-do course for you. As a student, this would be useful if you’re pursuing an MBA, BBA, B.Com, any finance-related or business-related course.
  • Working professionals from any domain who need to deal with data: Now all professionals don’t need to deal with data. People who are in data entry, creating models, creating reports and feeding inputs or forecasting trends must do this course. If you do this course, the work at your professional arena would become much easier and you will be able to create an edge over others just by doing this course.
  • Entrepreneurs/Analysts/Economists/Data Scientists: If you are someone who needs to analyze a lot of data, doing this course will help you immensely. Especially if you are starting a business or already in the finance profession this course will act as a great refresher (assuming you already know the nitty-gritty of excel).
  • Any individual: It says that learning doesn’t have any limit. So if you have an eagerness to learn this course no matter whatever your background is, you would be able to learn this course with ease.

FAQs – General Questions

Top-notch excel experts created and crafted this course for students who want to learn practical job oriented aspects of excel.

The answer to this question is a resounding yes if excel is the daily part of your career. If you’re in a domain where excel is hardly used, then it may not make much difference to your career. But as a course, it is comprehensive and professionals who need excel will be served at the most proficient level.

There are four specific reasons for which this course you can’t miss –

  • First of all, at a professional level whatever functions and formula you need to work with, you will learn everything here and it includes not only basic functions but advanced functions as well.
  • All you need to do this course is a computer/laptop and an internet connection. You can do this course at your pace, as per your convenience and as and when you would like to do it.
  • This course is designed in such a way that you would get maximum retention after learning.
  • You will also get lifetime access to the course materials. And you will also get verifiable certificate of completion for each course.

This course is quite comprehensive and you will learn all useful functions and concepts in both basic and advanced excel.

Any skill needs practice. Even after learning the lessons in the course, you need to practice them yourself. How proficient you would become in excel will depend partly on your practice and partly on this course.

As mentioned before, learning doesn’t have any limitations. If you are eager to learn this course irrespective of being associated with a different domain, without any hesitancy, you can go for this comprehensive excel training course.

Professionals from around the globe have benefited from WallStreetMojo’s Excel Training course. Some of the top places that our learners come from include New York, San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Seattle, Toronto, London, Berlin, UK, Dubai, Riyadh, UAE, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Gurgaon among many.

Yes, you can view the demo videos above.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking from all the leading banks. Additional payment options include pay by PayPal and 2checkout.

Sample Previews

Data Stimulation

Monte Carlo Simulations

Future Value Function

Percentages and Absolute References

HC Analysis

Paste Special

Career Benefits
  • Expert knowledge: Not every course has the bandwidth to give you expert knowledge. However, if you do this course, you will gain expertise in excel and would be able to channel the same into the professional application.
  • A great value addition: If you are in finance or business-related domain, this course would add as a great value addition for you. You would be able to come up with analyses and stunning reports quickly once you learn this course.
  • At home, on-the-job-training: Even before you join an organization (if you’re a student), you would get an on-the-job-training from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to sit in front of your computer and learn.
  • Detailed learning: Learning a few formulas and functions won’t stay with you for long. But this course is different. It not only teaches you all useful functions and formula, but it also teaches you about the inherent concepts and why you would use a particular function or formula in a given situation.

Course Reviews / Testimonials

Saurabh Kesari
Saurabh Kesari

This is one of the most engrossing and value addition course. I have done 3 courses in total and found it to be very engaging. The way dash boards are created are amazing and simple. More over this might be very much useful course for students and professionals alike as both can use this in the project reports and report to higher management respectively.Thumbs up!

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Varun Tripathi
Varun Tripathi

It is an Excellent course. It includes all skills that required while working in a job. All lessons are easily explained. The best thing about this course is the Practice files that are provided after each lesson. I consider myself a pro with excel after doing this course. I am thankful to the creator of this course. This course is one of the best tool available on the internet to learn excel both at beginner and also at an advanced level.

Fredric C
Fredric C

Pivot table is a built in feature in excel. This online excel course helped me how to add this feature. Understood how to import data, inserting functions, test connection, change column names, creating a pivot chart with various variables, difference between pivot table and power chart, how to create two pivot charts for the same data, how to create four pivot chats for the same data. Simply awesome course how to create pivot table.

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Gerald Lynn Henthorn
Gerald Lynn Henthorn

I’m not mathematically inclined, and have avoided Excel in the past. This training platform made it easy to learn the system. And, the individual lesson titles of online excel course will make it easy to go back over techniques when I need to. I appreciate having had the opportunity to take this excel comprehensive course, and will probably refer back to it quite often. However, I am very familiar with other MS office programs.